March 1, 2024

Thorizon vision presented at DUTCH POWER innovation event

On leap day, 29 February 2024, the Dutch energy sector innovation platform DUTCH POWER organized a conference to explore the potential of nuclear power in the Netherlands.

The event took place at DIFFER, the Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research. Over 150 experts from across the energy sector attended this lively event with presentations by TenneT, ANVS, NRG, ULC Energy, Rolls Royce and DIFFER. Titus Tielens, Chief Business Development Officer of Thorizon, presented the role of molten salt reactors in a safe, smart and circular energy system. Beata Tyburska-Pueschel from Thorizon’s partner DIFFER presented the DICE experiment aimed at assessing the interaction between molten fuel salts and structural reactor materials under irradiation – a key experimental step in the development of the Thorizon reactor.

Titus Tielens, presenting the intrinsic safety features of the Thorizon technology