Durable power for people. Fast.

The world needs new energy solutions. Future generations deserve to thrive in a clean and just world. We believe nuclear technology can contribute to this goal. Our purpose is to accelerate the availability of clean energy and create a greener tomorrow.

Making our solution a reality.

We are a company of experienced nuclear professionals. With our expertise, we are committed to accelerating the development of next-generation reactors and contributing to solving today’s energy challenges. Our Thorizon team includes experts in the fields of engineering, neutronics, chemistry, thermohydraulics, and mechanical engineering. Next to techno-scientific experts, we also have business-oriented team-members who ensure our work actualises in the market. Last but not least, we have a range of advisors who support and advise on our work.

Our origin.

Our founders, Sander de Groot and Lucas Pool, came up with what we believe is a pioneering design of molten-salt technology. As a spin-off from NRG, the national nuclear research institute of the Netherlands, Thorizon developed into a company that holds extensive experience yet chases a new future with a start-up mentality.


Sander de Groot

Lucas Pool

Kiki Lauwers

Jaén Ocádiz

Damien Becat Mateu

Tsolak Malakyan

Klara Chmiel

Christos Mountzouris

Wijnand Schoemakers


Thorben Besseling


Ben-Louis Van der Walt

Titus Tielens

Bram Bruinsma


Melis Kilic

Thorizon is hiring

We are looking for people with integrity who are passionate about (nuclear) innovation, are motivated by complex challenges and teamwork, and want to make a positive impact.

We are interested in technical talent in the fields of:

  • (nuclear) Engineering
  • Structural (thermo)mechanics
  • (computational) Thermohydraulics
  • Neutronics and core physics

Interested in working at Thorizon? Email us at info@thorizon.com.

True to our innovative spirit.

We want to go far and fast, keen to progress energy technology. As scientists and engineers, we push our talents and skills and take pride in the responsibility we carry as a nuclear company. With excitement about our own solutions, we hope to motivate and support others in pursuing their passions by offering clean energy solutions.

We value and practice transparency when exploring new technological possibilities. With a pragmatic attitude in business, we focus on the feasible and the impactful. We like things to be real and what we say to be true.