September 13, 2023

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Meet Behice Melis Kilic

Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Energy.

Ever Wondered about Life at Thorizon?

Step into the world of B.Melis Kilic, a 31-year-old creative hailing from Turkey and making waves in Rotterdam. Embrace the journey of this junior core physics engineer, propelled by a passion for sustainability and innovation, both within and beyond the realm of engineering.

Igniting Change and Shaping the Future

The journey of Melis with Thorizon began with a single scroll on LinkedIn. A spark of curiosity from an advertisement led her to dive into Thorizon’s mission, setting her on a transformative course that eventually brought her to the Netherlands on July 2023.

Melis: “Team members here are open, take accountability for results and are all very smart. 
This dynamic and productive team is the foundation for a strong design and creates a 
dynamic working atmosphere. What makes Thorizon robust is the fact that all teams can 
interact easily and exchange knowledge to have continuously improved design.” 

As a core physics engineer, her mission is clear: contribute next-generation design for combating climate change and forging a greener future. Envisioning herself as an inventive catalyst for global transformation, she injects her workday with energy, starting with that essential cup of coffee. Her toolkit of essentials – a water bottle, notebook, and trusty phone – remains close at hand, enabling her to tackle challenges, engage in emails, attend meetings, and chart her reflections.

Her journey intertwines with technical meetings alongside colleagues from various engineering domains, solidifying her place as a driving force in advancing reactor design.

Charismatic and very Smart

Melis’s personality radiates an exceptional blend of easy-going charm and smart intellect. As a valuable member of the neutronics team, she shapes the core design of an innovative molten salt reactor, where her profound understanding of simulation tools and meticulous attention to detail thrive.

Succeeding within Thorizon’s diverse and collaborative environment, Melis’s drive extends beyond tasks, continuously honing her skills and contributions. Though she faces challenges in managing her high expectations, her self-motivation propels her forward.

A Glimpse into the Future.

Melis’s aspirations stretch far into the horizon. With an ambitious outlook spanning 5 to 10 years, she envisions Thorizon as a trailblazing MSR tech company, propelling revolutionary cartridges onto the global stage. Amidst this vibrant landscape, she foresees herself at the helm of the core design team, crafting the path to progress.

Melis: “I want to shape the future of nuclear reactor design and 
leave a lasting impact on future generations. If I wished for a superpower, it would probably
be more calm and patience during this ambitious journey."

Stilling a continuous hunger to make a difference

When questioned about what might disrupt her workday, she chuckles and confesses, “I can turn quite cranky when hunger strikes.” Yet, she acknowledges the significance of clearing her mind and taking regular breaks. For Melis, swimming is the ultimate reset – a vigorous workout that offers both physical exertion and serene relaxation.

A pearl of wisdom Melis holds dear is, “Learning to unwind and take breaks is essential; not everything is within our control.” This mantra holds a special place, guiding her through life’s intricate labyrinth of challenges and successes.

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