Lucas Pool stepping down as board member of Thorizon

Amsterdam, December 15th, 2024 – As of January 2024, Lucas Pool will step down from his roles as Director and Chief Business Development Officer of Thorizon. Lucas has reflected on Thorizon’s needs during the current phase of growth in the Netherlands and France, and has chosen to pursue new professional and personal endeavors. Titus Tielens will assume the role of Chief Business Development Officer, while Laure Claquin will join as Chief Operating Officer and Director for France

“We would like to express our gratitude to Lucas for the innovative company and exceptional team that he has built. Without Lucas’s drive and perseverance, Thorizon would not be here today.” Sander de Groot, co-founder.

Lucas has been a champion for molten salt reactors since before completing his master’s in Sustainable Energy & Entrepreneurship. To pursue this vision, he began working with Sander de Groot at NRG in 2015 on the molten salt program. Later, they co-founded Thorizon in Amsterdam with the objective of developing an innovative molten salt reactor design. Under Lucas’s leadership, the company successfully secured €12.5 million in funding. Lucas will remain a shareholder in the company.

Lucas states, “It has been an incredible journey to build Thorizon. I firmly believe molten salt reactors have an important role to play in the energy transition, and Thorizon’s unique concept can accelerate the time to market for this innovative technology. I have full confidence in Thorizon’s board and team and wish them every success!”