No energy to waste.

We are a developer of nuclear power solutions. Our ambition is to develop a reactor based on molten salt that uses nuclear waste from conventional nuclear plants as an important fuel source. Our reactor can provide clean energy to 250 thousand households, or clean heat to industry.

Molten salt

Our reactor uses molten salt as base for both fuel and coolant. Molten salt has several bene-fits. Firstly, it is an ideal base for processing and recycling existing radioactive waste. Our reactor thus becomes a waste-burner, reducing the amount of radioactive waste currently lying around and generating clean energy in one go. Secondly, molten salt has several safety and effi-ciency benefits. Since it is already in a molten state, a meltdown situation is effectively impos-sible. Also, the salt can handle very high tem-peratures at atmospheric pressure, making safe-ty measures less costly than with traditional reactors. Lastly, there is no water used in the reactor – this means past accidents resulting in the release of radioactive material are no longer possible.

Modular design

Our design is modular. Our core consists of several easy to handle cartridges containing the molten salt fuel. Each five to ten years, we recycle them. This way, our cartridges are the solution to material integrity and fuel handling issues typically associated with molten salt technology. We can use existing materials, go to market rapidly and continuously innovate while operating our plant. Furthermore, our unique design has several additional safety features, making it ‘walk-away safe’.

Source: IEA/OECD.

Flexible supply

Our molten salt reactor produces 250 MW thermal power in the form of high temperature steam. It can be used directly to drive industrial processes and thus replace fossil fuels. Or it can be efficiently transformed into 100 MW of electricity, either as a base load or in a flexible form. This amount of electricity can power 250 thousand households.