May 5, 2023

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Germany closes its last nuclear reactors, while Finland opens a new one

In the weekend of 15 and 16 April, Germany closed its last three remaining nuclear reactors, while Finland opened a new one.

The opposing actions are typical for two stances European countries have with respect to nuclear energy. One of them, with Germany as its most prominent representative, sees nuclear energy as a harmful and unsafe technology, producing nuclear waste. Luxembourg and Austria, two other countries with a similar stance, have sued the European Commission for its decision to classify nuclear energy as a ‘green’ investment1.

The world needs new energy solutions.

Others see nuclear energy as an inevitable technology towards a net-zero society. Eleven EU countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and most prominently France – launched an alliance2 to boost nuclear energy within the EU. Individual countries have also taken steps, such as Finland opening its Olkiluoto 3 Nuclear Power Plant and the Netherlands planning to build two new reactors by 20353.

Thorizon is convinced that all clean energy sources need to be developed to secure future generations have the possibility and the freedom to develop and thrive.

New technologies

Thorizon is developing an innovative clean energy technology, that can efficiently provide electricity and high temperature heat for industrial processes, such as hydrogen. Thorizon systems use the long-lived materials from spent nuclear fuel and the abundant metal Thorium, and converts these into materials with short-lived radioactivity and energy. The technology is modular and flexible, allowing for cost effective energy production using a large variety of different nuclear material resources. 

Clean and abundant energy for people.

The world needs new energy solutions. Future generations deserve to thrive in a clean and just world. Our purpose is to accelerate the availability of clean energy and help solve the climate crisis.