For various reasons it is impossible to give an accurate estimation of the costs. We aim to achieve market-competitive energy by our specific design features, which can lead to cost reduction:

  • By not having a large irreplaceable reactor vessel containing the core, but smaller individually replaceable modules forming the core.
  • Modules will be series-produced off-site, can incorporate improvements over time and avoid degradation issues of core materials by its replaceability.
  • The core can be qualified on module level, and the passive safety features of the reactor will reduce the need for expensive active systems and the cost of high-pressure resistant building. This will decrease development and construction costs.
  • Because we use long-lived waste as fuel, we convert a large system-cost into an energy sale.
  • The modular approach will decrease construction time of the plant, since construction time is one of the mail drivers of costs due to interest payments, our financing cost will likely decrease.