Thorizon is looking for (nuclear) technology experts and engineers


The world needs new energy solutions. Future generations deserve to thrive in a clean and just-world. We believe nuclear technology can be used for good. Our purpose is to accelerate the availability of clean energy and help solve the climate crisis. Do you want to contribute to the development of a new energy technology that can safely turn nuclear waste into emission-free energy?

Thorizon is looking for (nuclear) technology experts and engineers

who want to use their talents to develop a brand-new clean energy technology.

Job Mission:

As part of a passionate team, you will help to develop a very promising new design for a molten salt reactor (MSR), an innovative reactor technology that can perform even better in various areas such as safety, waste, construction time, and costs.

We are looking to extend our team with (nuclear) engineers, and experts in the fields of core physics (neutronics), thermal hydraulics, structural (thermo)mechanics, and related disciplines such as nuclear licensing, safety assessment, and qualification. We prefer a mix of the experience provided by seasoned specialists and the drive and fresh look at things of early career professionals. Several disciplines come together in a Molten Salt Reactor, so a broad interest beyond your own specialism is a must. You will be working in a dynamic team and a high degree of focused independence is expected of you one-half of the time while working closely in a multidisciplinary team the other half of the time.

Sounds appealing? We are looking for people with the following skills:

  • Knowledge/experience regarding
    • advanced technology (nuclear) engineering and/or;
    • nuclear materials/components qualification and/or;
    • nuclear licensing and/or;
    • core physics (neutronics) and/or;
    • thermal hydraulics and/or;
    • Structural (thermo)mechanics and material modelling
  • Pragmatic, solution- and goal-oriented.
  • Master and bachelor trained (by education or work experience) or a PhD in (nuclear) engineering disciplines. Work experience in the nuclear field is preferable.
  • Likes to work in the dynamics of a startup and project-oriented organisations
  • Able to work structured both independently, and in multidisciplinary teams

You have an intrinsic motivation to make an impact and want to contribute to a responsible energy supply. And of course, you see the societal importance of the development of MSR. At Thorizon, we find integrity, honesty, team spirit, taking responsibility and collaboration very important.


Is this you? Sounds like a match!


What to expect from us:

We are a company of experienced nuclear professionals. With our expertise, we are committed to accelerating the development of next-generation reactors and contributing to solving today’s energy challenges.
We believe that the Molten Salt Reactor can make a valuable contribution to the sustainable energy mix: safe and CO2-free energy at a competitive price. In addition, an MSR can supply high-quality heat for industry and this type of reactor is ideally suited for the use of new types of fuel like thorium and existing long-lived nuclear waste forms, unlocking an abundance of emission-free energy.

You will get the opportunity to contribute to the development of a new Molten Salt Reactor design with great potential. You will also work in a dynamic, young organization with excellent growth perspectives. We provide a competitive salary, pension, and an employee profit-sharing plan.

Are you enthusiastic about the technology, the possibilities, the challenge, and the collaborations that a startup entails? Are you a team player that wants to learn and contribute with your skills and experience to what Thorizon aims to achieve? Please provide us your application and motivation by mail at

Strengthening our ecosystem and involving partners early on in the process ensures supply chain and general societal compatibility.
Thanks to our amazing partners we have created an ecosystem wherein knowledge-sharing, cooperation, and pursuing our common goals are the standard practise.

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