The starting point.

From the very start, our Thorizon team set out to turn the perceived negatives related to nuclear energy into positives. Using the laws of physics, we designed a reactor technology with unique benefits – a Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (MSR).

Modularity – just like a coffee pod.

Conversations about clean energy often concentrate on decarbonising electricity through solar power or wind mills. However, electricity generation only accounts for approximately 25% of greenhouse emissions. On top of that, electricity cannot supply some of society’s other needs – just think of heating and clean fuels. Instead, fossil fuels are still largely used to produce these types of energies. The decarbonisation challenge is thus larger than producing clean electricity.

Thorium – radioactive waste burner.

The first part of the name refers to the type of “fuel” used in the reactor. Thorium can be used in combination with existing radioactive waste. This means that we can reduce the amount of radioactive waste currently lying around now and generate clean energy in one go.

The reactor thus becomes a waste-burner. Providing the opportunity to create energy out of unwanted material.

Molten Salt – low pressure, high temperature.

The second part of the name refers to the type of “coolant” that is used in the reactor. Molten salt has several benefits. Firstly, since it is already in a molten state, a meltdown situation is effectively impossible. Secondly, the salt can handle very high temperatures without needing to increase the pressure. This has safety and efficiency benefits. Thirdly, there is no water used in the reactor – this means past accidents resulting in the release of radioactive material are no longer possible.