Molten salt reactors in general have an interesting feature: the coolant is also the fuel, and it is liquid, under all thinkable circumstances. Thorizon has exploited this feature for maximum safety:because the fuel is a liquid, it expands freely when temperatures increase, causing the system to power down by itself, by laws of nature. In the Thorizon design, when the system pumps stop, the fuel cannot stay in the reactor core, and flows down by gravity, by which the reactor stops by itself. Remaining heat is transferred to the environment without temperature or pressure escalation issues.

In addition, we use multiple containments which are all monitored, to secure that in the unlikely event of a leak, there is always another barrier to make sure nothing comes out, and enough barriers are left to remove the leaking component safely.

A core melt, in which the situation escalates and barriers are breached that cause radioactive materials to be released, can therefore be excluded.