Interview with our co-founders

2023-05-19T15:25:54+02:0015 November 2022|

Our co-founders Lucas Pool and Sander de Groot were interviewed by regional newspaper PZC about our future plans for the technology. PZC covers regional news in the province of Zeeland

Launch event

2023-05-19T15:33:31+02:0014 November 2022|

Last september we had our launch event at EYE Amsterdam

Interview with our co-founder Sander de Groot

2023-05-19T15:44:46+02:0026 October 2022|

Remco de Boer runs the successful podcast Studio Energie, recently he sat down with our co-founder Sander de Groot to discuss Thorizon and our view on nuclear innovation. 

Press release: Thorizon participates in the MIMOSA project

2023-05-19T15:53:08+02:0014 October 2022|

In a time of heightened environmental concerns and resource scarcity, the closure of the fuel cycle – which reduces the radioactive waste disposal footprint and the need for natural resources – reinforces a sustainable nuclear energy strategy.

Thorizon speaking at GLOBAL

2023-05-19T16:07:40+02:0030 June 2022|

As one of our first official connections to the wider world of nuclear, our co-founder Sander is presenting at GLOBAL 2022 International Conference on Nuclear Fuel Cycle hosted in Rheims, France.

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